• Sports Nutritionist International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN)

About Steve:

Steve helps to take the myths, misunderstandings, and confusion out of nutrition by geeking out 24/7 so you don’t have to.

He gets to spend all day helping the clietns with their goals through easy to follow, completely personalised nutrition plans.

Steve has been working with real people who are hoping to look and feel better since 2008

He has worked for some of London’s most prolific gyms as a body composition expert for the past four years.

Steve’s stable of clients includes:

  • Busy professionals
  • Men and women looking to alter their body composition
  • Athletes who need to manage their weight for their sport (powerlifting, MMA, BJJ and other combat sports)
  • Crossfit Competitors
  • Individuals with chronic digestive problems
  • Plus anyone who wishes to maximise their health and performance through optimal nutrition

Steve always puts the real life of the client first, and understands the way to reach goals through practical and realistic programmes that make a tangible difference to how his clients look and feel.

Steve is available to consult face to face, online, on the phone and via whatsapp. The client can choose what type of consultation works best around their livestyle.

What to expect:


Step one is always for Steve to get to know the client and their goals. Plus answer any questions that are likely to pop up. This is the time to identify potential factors that hindered your progress. Whether it the goal is to make weight for a competition, gain that elusive muscle size, or finally get into the shape of your life, Steve will always find the optimal way to help you achieve it.


Long term, Steve works with clients to reach their goals, adjusting the service, so it works around their schedule, work and famil;y life. No diet occurs in a vacuum and he is here to provide the perfect programme to fit alongside your life and reality.


Steve’s clients speak for themselves! Whether it is making weight for an international cross fit competition or getting jacked for the mirror, they’ve always gone on to see real results and make actionable changes based on his advice

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