Calisthenics & Movement Coach

I been practicing parkour and free running for almost 14 years. This began at my home on Reunion Island and developed when I moved to London in 2012 and joined Parkour Generations, one of the largest parkour companies in the world. I have taught at large international fitness/parkour events and teach regular classes around London. I was part of a skill exchange with Ido Portal in Thailand 2 years ago. He taught me his movement and in exchange I taught him some key parkour skills. I have a range of different skills including handstands, flips, balance skills, movement pattern and calisthenics. I like working close to nature and enjoy training outdoors. Where some people may only see walls, benches or rails, I see an opportunity to use them as part of my gym and as apparatus to make me better and stronger, or as we say in the parkour community “be strong to be useful”.

Providing personal training. Developing individual personal programs. Teaching annual events with large groups. Taught classes for the BBC, Blue Peter and Move London. Performed for different companies such as BBC, JCB, Hyundai, Wembley Arena and Timeout Choreographer for numerous shows.

Knowledge of the use of fitness equipment. Excellent motivation skills for group or 1-1. Ability to manage large groups. Wide variety of skills: Parkour, gymnastic, calisthenics, cardio, strength training. Self training to give better demonstrations to clients.


Experience teaching children ( from 4 years old+)

ADAPT level 1 qualification in parkour and free running

ADAPT level 2 qualification in parkour and free running

Level 2 qualification fitness instructor

Level 3 qualification PT

PFS qualification (Parkour Fitness Specialist)

I enjoy trying new activities and I am always on the look out for new experiences, from sports to travel, to life in general. I have participated in a range of sports including yoga, hot yoga, bouldering, climbing, karate, surfing and beach volley ball.



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