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‘Well what can I say about Daniel. Not only is he a wonderful caring person but he is also excellent at his job. I am extremely happy to have met him and have been training with him for 7 months now, seeing him twice a week for sessions. Dan not only motivates me during our sessions but he also takes the time out to check up on me during the week. I can only give Dan 5 stars for his professionalism and is extremely passionate about his job. This shows all over as he pushes me hard (in a good way). Since I have been seeing Dan I have not only dropped a dress size, but have also toned every part of my body. I’m feeling really positive about myself right now and thats a huge thank you to Dan. I always imagined  personal training sessions were tedious, hard work and boring, but my sessions with Dan are always exciting, fun and enjoyable. The fact that I’m progressing in my ability to lift heavier weights is not only a achievement for myself but also for Dan too. I look forward to every session we have because when I leave I feel amazing.’

‘A huge thank you to you Dan. I’ve gone from overweight and hating the gym to fitter, thinner and enjoying the gym. You’re a fab PT and teacher. As well as working hard we have always had a laugh. Your knowledge about fitness and nutrition knows no end. You’re not only my PT but a friend too.’ – Amelia

‘Working with Dan has really helped my self confidence both inside and outside the gym. I wouldn’t have touched weights if it wasn’t for him, and I wouldn’t have such a good bum. I always look forward to a session with Dan as we never stop laughing.’ – Lydia Teebay

Dan Hows not only shows how but why you should meet your health and fitness goals. PT and nutritional adviser. Benefits of working with Dan Hows:
What does your health mean to you?
Have you ever said to yourself I want to get into shape, have healthy body fat and have wonderful health? Have lasting results? Look Good.   It is like having a light switched on working with Dan. He is the real deal. He disrupts your life for the better with a passion for a body that reflects your strength in your new shape. You know Dan loves what he does for you and is as committed to your health goals as much as you.
I started training with Dan Hows because l had several health issues and l need to lose more than three stones and work on my fitness goals. By losing fat and weight, l have been able to go from being pre- diabetic to having sustained normal blood sugar levels. My bad cholesterol levels have is now normal and my GP say I no longer need take cholesterol tablets which he wanted me to go for life.
As a busy professional person l wanted to work with a professional like me. What l like about working with Dan is that he gets to know you and works on your self -belief, your goals and coaches you to increase your inner strength to take charge of your health, to exercise properly, to understand the importance of good health and making my health a priority in my life. I went from hardly exercising to getting up for 6.45 am classes which is unheard of. I enjoy getting for my 6.45 am classes!

Dan demonstrates that he cares about getting the results you need. He always there for you.I really believe that l would not have achieved my results so far without his support and training.I have tried many different approaches to weight loss however nothing has worked on a sustained basis. When l now train  l  have   increased energy levels and miss it when l do not exercise, I am having the healthy life, I deserve.
I look forward to continuing to work with Dan to achieve my fitness and health goals, l feels certain by continuing to work with Dan l will reach my ultimate health goals. l would highly recommend working with Dan if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals and lifestyle’
Paula L

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