Personal Trainer



  • Diploma In Anatomy & Physiology Correct Asymmetries
  • Holistic Therapy Injury Prevention
  • Reflexology Enhance Performance
  • Sports Massage Therapy Weight Loss
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

About Arta:

Exercise is an important meaningful part of daily living. I believe that despite our busy sschedules we always should find time to incorporate fitness into our lives.

I want to help people improve their overall health through exercise. Introduce them to training, so they can enjoy everyday life activities, stay healthy and resilient for the years to come.

I look forward to helping others achieve optimal goals along with a greater sense of well-being, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

I am currently studying to become a physiotherapist.


“I had put off getting a personal trainer for years as I felt intimidated but I have never looked back after becoming a client of Arta’s. She is such a lovely person and gives lots of positive encouragement. You never feel judged with her. I have been training with her for 18 months and I still look forward to my sessions. She mixes it up each week so it never feels the same. She pushes me harder than I would ever push myself which helps me to reach my body goals. I would highly recommend Arta to anyone. “ – Gillian

“I highly recommend Arta, as personal trainer!  Arta listened to my needs, asked the right questions and understood my lifestyle goals (pain management and learning proper form to mitigate future injuries). I also appreciated that Arta was understanding of my budget and schedule when buying my sessions.  I am super pleased with the results! The workouts are challenging, and she pushes me more than I would push myself. She’s shown me how simple it can be to make progress in weight progression and muscle building. She always checks in with how I’m feeling after tough workouts to guide what we do in the next workout. Not to mention having someone come to your home and make you workout is a total game changer! The most important goal I wanted to achieve from Personal Training was gaining my confidence to workout again while managing knee, ankle and back/tailbone pain that had basically ended my fitness routine. After working out with Arta I am confident that I will be able to continue to build strength and exercise regularly, with minimized pain, even when I’m working out by myself.” – Zenia

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