We at THE FORT are extremely excited to introduce our new group exercise programme!

Check our new timetable here

  • Do you want to learn how to move like a ninja? Perhaps you’d like to increase your flexibility?

Our new timetable is more varied than ever. We are proud to introduce our two new trainers:

Kevin and Darren (swipe for pictures!), who will be taking movement and strength based classes as of September.

To name a few, we have ‘calisthenics’, ‘natural movement’ and ‘mobility and flexibility’, classes which use minimal equipment and make use of your body weight. In addition to these, there are specialized kettlebell classes where you will truly discover the real purpose of the kettlebells in its traditional manner. Our ex pro-wrestler PT Ozzy will be taking the new high-intensity class “Tag Team”; work within teams for a super exciting and interactive workout!

Not forgetting, of course, our brand new lifting clubs on Fridays and Sundays, led by our popular strength & conditioning expert Sabina, as well as our latest strength and conditioning coach Darren!

Our combination of classes are strategically designed to improve all aspects of your health and fitness in the most effective format possible. Fall in love with movement, make your body stronger, supple and more resilient. Come along and join The Fort gym on your journey to become fitter, healthier and better in every way!

  • Kevin!


Kevin Francoome is a calisthenics and parkour specialist. He will be leading our new movement classes. Calisthenics provides a great opportunity to master your own weight and increase body awareness. If you want to move like a ninja, Kevin’s classes are for you!

  • Darren!

Strength & Conditioning

Darren is our newest strength and conditioning coach. He has been training clients for over 15 years! Darren was once a professional gymnast. He is a certified weightlifting and kettlebell instructor. If you want to improve your movement and get stronger, Darren will help whip you into shape in no time!