Covid-19 A Message to Our Members

During this challenging time we hope you are all staying safe and well. We recognise the importance of maintaining a positive health and mental state and our team are available to help you with you needs and questions. For membership questions please contact for fitness, nutrition, injury or mindfullness support please email

We are not able to blanket freeze all members accounts but instead are freezing memberships as per members requests as we have clients who are continuing to benefit from 1to1 online coaching, personal programming and nutrition sessions. We are also loaning some pieces of equipment to members keeping their membership active during this period, whilst we are also extremely grateful to a number of our members who have requested to continue paying membership fees to help support the club to ensure it is able to reopen with services and facilities they enjoyed before.

We are getting a lot of positive feedback from this rather labour intensive approach, as it allows us to be flexible to everyone’s requirements, some members are out of the country, some members are working or temporarily moved away from the Fulham, some have lost their jobs or have been furloughed. Whilst some that fall into the more vulnerable section are unsure when they want to return. We believe a blanket freeze as per some of our competitions is less customer centric than we are trying to facilitate as they will start too bill all members as soon as they are allowed to reopen regardless of member situation and wishes. We are able to carry out freezes of up to 6 months.

* We would like to remind all our members that though we agree it was the right decision it was not our decision to close on the 20th March but rather enforced by the UK Government in the interests of the nations health. Very few business’s are covered by business interruption insurance for Covid-19.

* Any members who have made monthly payments during the enforced shut down and had not requested to be will be credited the equal amount of months free once we reopen in lieu of those payments. Please arrange which dates suit you best with the club team. We will not be able to issue refunds.

* Please do not cancel your direct debit, this will trigger the month notice and set your account in arrears. For all membership questions please contact the club via email on

* For any members that need to leave the club and end their membership during this shutdown period the one month notice as per agreements will be charged once the club reopens. Access will be granted for a month at this time

* To check on availability of small equipment hire please email

* Please join us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with tips and workouts from the club and it’s community. Please keep us up to date with your fitness surveys.

* Midweek at 10.30am we are carrying out live online Zoom classes, please email for access information.

* Your members App, Fitsense, provides you with a cardio feature you can use on runs, walks or cycle rides to track km, kph and duration. The feature also provides a map of your run through gps tracking. This can be downloaded free of charge from App stores.

* Your Fitsense App is also loaded with 30 day workout out plans to help keep you active. It covers upper body, total body, lower body and core workouts. Or you can create your own.

* Our coaches are carrying out 1 to 1 online workout sessions, personal programming and nutritional support. For more information or to speak to a coach email

* For mindfulness support, pain or injury Joanna our Treat and Transform Coach is available with online support. Please email and we will liaise and connect you with Joanna.

* Myzone belts are available from the web site and are a fantastic way to manage your exercise habits either inside or outside the home. To receive a £50 discount please use the code TFGUK001 and this will link you with our club where you are able to connect with the club members and club staff.


We are currently preparing the club and the systems that will allow us to open and operate in a safe manner for our members and our staff. For us to do this we may introduce new measures for a period of time. These may include, increased distancing or removal of some equipment, temperature checks of members on entering, temporary exclusion of anyone exhibiting cold or cough like symptoms, mandatory washing of hands or hand sanitising on entry, mandatory cleaning of equipment before and after use, increased staff cleaning, temporary closure of steam rooms, limit on members numbers allowed in the club, strict booking procedures for classes and gym visits, adhering to social distancing as stipulated by the UK Government.

This is an extremely challenging time for everyone but believe by working with our members we will all grow stronger together through it.

Stay safe

The Fort Gym Team