Company Director/Head Coach

Sabina is originally from Poland, at present based in London UK where she work with various pro and amateur athletes taking care of their Strength and Conditioning. Over the years Sabina had a great opportunity to train under numerous worlds top Strength and Conditioning Coaches including Mark Twight (Gym Jones) & Mike Mahler (Aggressive Strength) to name a few. She works with various sports including pro – MMA athletes, BJJ fighters and other top combat sports professionals, top male models, military personnel, rugby, football, golf and polo players, climbers, dancers and endurance athletes. She has presented at national exhibitions (i.e. SFN Expo, BodyPower) and taught coaching workshops worldwide (South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Holland, Ireland, and all over UK) that explore the potential of strength training for athletic development. Sabina has taught alongside Mike Mahler, Andy Bolton, Brooks Kubik and Dan John, as well as the second to none Balance Sports Injury Physiotherapy Clinic team, who she works with on a regular basis. Some of her publications can be found in Men’s Fitness and The Guardian, PT Magazine, as well as and, she has also appeared as a guest on the legendary Super Human Radio and numerous podcasts. As a former competitive athlete Sabina strongly believes that each is truly responsible for their performance potential and we are all capable of limitless possibilities when the mind and the correct knowledge are put to work and egos disappear. Sabina follows vegan diet and was a part of the Plant Based Performance: A Compassionate Approach to Health and Fitness project (The entire profit from this book sales goes directly to the Mercy For Animals charity). Also featured in Vegan Athletes book.


MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA Institute of Human Performance)

Gym Jones – Levels 1&2

Training for Warriors – levels 1&2

Andy Bolton, Benedict Magnusson powerlifting seminar

Christian Thibaudeau training seminar

Dmitry Klokov – Olympic weightlifting seminar

UKSCA – speed and agility

UKSCA – Olympic weightlifting

Mike Mahler advanced kettlebells & hormonal optimisation

Joel Jamieson training seminar

Amit Sapir Seminar (First Man to hold the Squat Record in 4 weight classes simultaneously)

Adventures and Challenges:

52km Ultra Bieszczady (mountain Ultra Run) 2018

Marathon Des Sables finisher (5 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara Desert, self sufficient) 2018
Dartmoor Dreadnought – (carrying 60kg log plus backpack over Dartmoor over 3 days – part of a female team of 3) 2017
FanDance – 2 x summer edition (load bearing 16kg backpack) – 24 km SAS selection course in Welsh hills; winter edition – clean fatigue
Ran from Guildford to London with Chris Moon

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